Part of being focused on bringing joy to the forefront for me has been to focus on the simple moments, rather than the build up and expectation of the larger more planned events. While both have their merits, the little moments reveal so much about the joys in life if we allow them to.

Like cowboy boots and a tutu….



this simple moment in time where my daughter Charlotte pranced around in these boots, boots that we received from a friend whose daughter has since outgrown, as if she were the most fashionable thing on earth.

Because, of course! Tutus and boots are adorable, no matter the time of day when they come on the heels of a lovely, imaginative, spirited four year-old.

Not sure I could pull it off.

But, in that moment, I realized that she takes joy in simplicity, in the little things – like pretty tutus and fantastic, hand-me-down boots.

And, there is so much we can learn from our kids in that regard.

Today, we received snow again.

This was my status update.



You know what Charlotte did?


She found the joy…she popped out and tried to catch the snowflakes.

…while wearing a tutu and her favorite boots, of course. Because that’s what you do when it might be the last snow of the season, rather than think about how it might delay school again or cause you to miss another day of your second week of work.

I was reminded in this moment to allow the joy to unfold and play out before me. It wasn’t long before all the girls were out…



And, more boots were in the mix.

They are reminding me how to live. Even if for a moment in my day.

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A New Chapter Begins

by Nicole on March 23, 2014

I have been so inconsistent here. My little space in the blogosphere has been my space since my oldest daughter (now 8) was a baby. Granted, I didn’t actually start truly blogging on the regular until the twins came along nearly four years later, but I started the journey years prior. I knew I wanted to connect with other people and I knew that I had words to share. Whether it’s been a personal story about myself (epic parent fails anyone?), my Momo Twins or a general post about something going on in my life, like planning a fantastic baby shower for one of my best friends.

This has been my little online journal. It also became a place where I discovered a new part of myself. I realized I still had a passion to learn new things. I found new interests, made friendships that have spanned years, and it’s amazing to think about when I reflect. I am so grateful for the journey and where it has led.

Last week, I started a new job. After several years of freelancing as a blogger and writer for print as well as online publications, managing social media for clients and later being a content coordinator for a larger site (I still miss my EverydayFamily peeps!), I have found myself turning the page of a new chapter in my journey, which all started here, at Moments that Define Life.

Last week, I started a whole new routine for myself and my family. One that I have not done since the twins graced us with their presence over four years ago. I am working outside of the home.


I sit at a desk, go into conference rooms for meetings, and watch a constant stream of news from everywhere I go in the building.  Last week, I took on the role of Digital Executive Producer at a local TV News Station. I will be working on behalf of their Lifestyle show, and I am so enthralled and stoked. I ran into anchors in the green room while getting coffee several times this week, and it was this surreal thing because I have been watching many of them for years now.

When we begin our career paths as young, excited adults – whether we took that path through college or otherwise, we have this expectation that it is our path for the foreseeable future. What I’ve come to realize is we do not have a set path. Nothing is set in stone. We can evolve and grow and thrive at each stage of our lives both personally and professionally. The key is to be open to learning new things and stepping through those doors as they open to you. The key is to embrace change and the unknown in those paths. The key is to be willing to walk into a conference room of strangers and be willing to give your perspective on a project as if you totally know what you are talking about.


Now, if I could get the menu planning and laundry doing mastered as I navigate this working out of the home thing.

Baby steps.


Did you see yourself where you are now? How has your path changed since starting your path in the working world? 


In Defense of the Selfie

February 26, 2014

I was reading some posts about how the selfie is a “call for help” and while I can see a point in that, I don’t agree completely. Additionally, there is now the #365selfie movement in response to that which I think is fantastic.   Until I was 12, I had no idea what I looked [...]

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February 12, 2014

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When it is Hard to be Happy

January 29, 2014

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Upcycle Your Crayons: Crayon Hearts

January 17, 2014

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Best Gifts Ever

January 14, 2014

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Three Peas in a Pod

January 7, 2014

These three are peas in a pod. They love big, they fight big, they play loud big. Needless to say, my life as their mother, is full of lots of love, I’ve become an unintended referee for the foreseeable future and I may need to invest in ear plugs.

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My 2014: A Year of Focus

January 6, 2014

2014 is my year of focus. Why? Because, another year has passed and resolutions are running rampant, resolutions that may not be reached, leading us to feel disappointment within ourselves. I decided not to set specific resolutions, but I am going with the blog world trend and set my sites on a theme for the [...]

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Thankful Thanksgiving

November 26, 2013

Most days I feel like an epic failure as a mom. I know that I love my kids so very much, but I have so much on my plate, like many of us, that I am often reflecting on what I could have done better for my kids and how I missed the mark that [...]

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