Summer Lovin’ #HappyMama Summer

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Our summer has been relatively low-key which is just how I prefer things to be. We did make a trip out to the Outer Banks and enjoyed the beach life for a week. Hurricane Arthur took it upon himself to ... read more

Which Super Hero Mom Are You?

I read a fantastic piece by a stellar blogger who I have the pleasure to call a friend. The piece she shared was the transcript to a talk she gave for the Listen to Your Mother show she helped produce for ... read more

Your Legacy as a Mother

Image via Flickr/Pink Sherbert Photography
Your legacy as a mother is probably the most important thing in your life. Unless of course you aren’t a mother yet (or have chosen a life without children), then your legacy as a human being is the ... read more

What I Didn’t Tell You

What I didn’t tell you is that I have been alone for nine long months. Nine months managing my household for the first time in 12 years – without family within driving distance to come and ... read more

Joy in Simplicity

Part of being focused on bringing joy to the forefront for me has been to focus on the simple moments, rather than the build up and expectation of the larger more planned events. While both have their ... read more

In Defense of the Selfie

I was reading some posts about how the selfie is a “call for help” and while I can see a point in that, I don’t agree completely. Additionally, there is now the #365selfie movement in ... read more

Does Wonder Woman Exist?

Does Wonder Woman exist? Is it possible to do it all, and do it well? In our house, she exists on Halloween. But otherwise…. …I have a slightly different opinion. I tackle this topic over at ... read more
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