A 30-day Happiness Challenge

Happiness, to some end, is a decision we have to make each and every day. We make the decision to be happy in how we choose to respond to our lives, how we interact with others and in the choices we make ... read more

Letting them Fail

“Do YOU think I’ll make it, Mommy” she asked as we worked our way back home. My heart had been in a holding pattern and my breath had been hitched up since she walked into her audition. ... read more

I Choose Joy

Choosing joy on a given day can be difficult, especially when the to-do list is always long, and the demands on time continue to grow. As mothers we can be pulled in many different directions and it is, ... read more

5 Random Things

Nicole on Maui 2010 wm
Old School Blogging. I kind of miss it. It’s where we write, put our soul out there a bit, share, people comment and invest back into your story and vice versa. My friend Elaine and I are focusing on ... read more

I Adore Who She is Becoming

She sits across from me at a two-person table in a small local breakfast spot. We’ve ordered her pancakes and chocolate milk and we’re squeezing in a half hour of playing hooky before I take ... read more
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