A Life on Instagram #ShareYourLife


My lovely, lovely readers (who probably want to give up on me altogether) – my life has been a haze of busy.

Good stuff, but so busy.

So, I #ShareMyLife late…via Instagram.

Who would have thunk it (yes, I just typed that – don’t hate editors of the world). A little handy-dandy App that makes it possible to capture the daily so easily.

Here’s hoping they keep those TOS’s in check.

Here’s my week in photos….

An “Instagrammed Life” ifyouwill

We had a rare day of warmer weather, so that warrants some bike riding of course!

What warmed my heart about this moment is that my Maddie isn’t the most agile of bike riders, so her big sister jumped in to make sure she had a fantastic time on this rare day of warmer weather.

This is the daily nap routine. Sometimes I fall asleep with her. But Charlotte insists “Mommy, Cuuuuudle” – who am I to say no? With these moments fleeting and our days numbered, I am trying so hard to treasure each and every cuddle. It’s a challenge to stay present sometimes….but there are times in my day that I make certain of it, and this is one of them. I “spoon” my girl so she can go to sleep knowing she’s loved.

What’s tough with twins…making certain they both get those cuddles BEFORE they drift off. I usually manage – skillzz….


Work…it brings me joy…I love the teamwork, the connections I’m making because I feel less alone in this mom world…I am a mom who enjoys work.

It’s quite possible I will be booted from the “Girl Scout Mom-of-the-Year” group. Some of these moms are the I’m-stretched-too-thin-but-I-have-something-to-prove-moms and others are simply seasoned working moms who have figured out how to balance it all (must give credit where it’s due), but I’m still a bit of a novice at 3 kids + working) and you know what?  I have come to terms with the fact that I am the mom who throws a snack together last minute my week and who barely meets the two-patch  box sale for cookies…. it’s hard to do it all.

I will get better.

Each day, I make strides towards better. The picture of my desk above is proof of that. It was not so put together before people, don’t let it fool you.

But here’s the thing, it’s MY version of better, not what everyone else thinks is ok. And, I think that’s an important point to make here. We all have our version of what’s a quality life, a balanced life. What works for me, may be very different for you and that’s ok.

Then there’s this fella here….

We love him so.

But, it seems the Navy needs him a good bit these days. We’re good with that….most of the time.

Let’s just say, we’re appreciating the time we do have these days…

Because we know how lucky we are to get that time together.

So, what’s your week been like? If you haven’t linked up over at Sharon’s place yet – you know, my fantastic, Momof6 who I MUST learn from because she always gets her #ShareYourLife post up in time..please do. I am in need of some reading of other moms.  Because I am reading…I promise you that – even if the comments are getting up as they should.


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8 thoughts on “A Life on Instagram #ShareYourLife

  1. Elaine A.
    Twitter: elainea

    I do the same with K, snuggle before her nap. Soon she won’t be taking them for much longer so, yeah, snuggles are totally fine. :) And yes, much of my life is documented on Instagram and my phone these days!

    You should link up with #iPPP too – you can find link on my blog… :)

    1. Nicole
      Twitter: MTDLBlog
      Post author

      Right?! The other day, someone asked me how I always had great skin in the photos and I said um…Instagram filters! haha!

  2. Sherry
    Twitter: #!/acherishedevent

    Snuggle time is the best! It makes all of the irritations of the day go away instantly. Ps LOVE the excitement in that last pic….priceless moments. XO

    1. Nicole
      Twitter: MTDLBlog
      Post author

      Thank you! That’s basically all I manage in the way of picture taking these days…I need to work on that. :-)

  3. Venassa
    Twitter: a_lifeofourown

    That is so sweet that she asks for cuddles! Last week, for the first time, I let my 16 month old sleep in bed with me because it was early morning and she was sick. I loved the cuddles, but wouldn’t want to do it on a regular basis – she’s a terrible squirmer, but the cuddles were worth it.

    1. Nicole
      Twitter: MTDLBlog
      Post author

      My oldest likes to sleep sideways…but when her Dad is gone to sea on occasion, she finds her way into my bed more often that not and I get a foot in my back. But…one day she’ll be gone – so I try to embrace it. Definitely not an every night kind of thing, but I relish the snuggles and cuddles and work to remain present as much as possible. It’s all going by so fast already…. *sigh*

  4. Rachel

    Just found your blog today. Lovin’ it! I love you calendar that is on you desk in the third picture. Do you mind if I ask where it came from?


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