A Poignant Reminder to Cherish the Shenanigans and Chaos

Today I was reminded that I need to focus on the joy in my home more than the frustrations.

I was reminded when I opened an email from an old friend…a lovely…wonderful friend…who was sharing her devastating loss.

I was reminded that my girls are miracles each and everyday they breathe life into this world, because that is not a given.

When I read the words “cord accident”, my heart skipped a beat. They are words that bring to the forefront memories of all of those months we faced that same potential scenario.

And yet…we were spared that unimaginable pain.

I was reminded today to appreciate the joy in my life…the chaotic, yet adorable moments that are too fleeting.

I was reminded to reflect on how much I love watching my three girls with one another. The love… and shenanigans that they get into.

I was reminded by reading one email, an email that shared a beautiful family’s life changing moment…one that should have been a time of joy and instead was that of utter devastation… that I should be thankful for my chaos.

I was reminded that I should be cherishing my time and my blessings.

My three, beautiful, lovely, blessings.

Because at one time we faced the possibility of a cord accident taking two of our three girls from us. That was our reality for the 28 weeks I carried our Momo twins, and each and every time I hear of a loss like this one, it is equally as devastating and another poignant reminder as to how we were spared.

My heart is breaking for my friend. My heart aches for her loss because she doesn’t deserve this pain, no one does.

But, I plan to honor the life of her child by cherishing my children that much more – it’s the least I can do for their beautiful little girl.


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4 thoughts on “A Poignant Reminder to Cherish the Shenanigans and Chaos

  1. Jackie

    That is so devastating and you’re right nobody deserves to have something like that happen to them. No matter what.
    I, too, will do just a bit more to cherish my children and let them know that they’re loved unconditionally.

  2. Arnebya
    Twitter: whatnowandwhy

    It is far too easy to feed into the frustrations of our days, but you’re right; it’s worth it, to our children, to lost children, to happy parents, to grieving parents, to single parents, to those who remain childless (even those who choose to do so). It is up to us to make sure we cherish what we are given because nothing is guaranteed. Nothing.


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