Escaping from the World

Sometimes a girl just needs to get away. Escape the stresses of life… and three year olds who like to thrash around on the floor screaming about wanting a cookie before 8:30am.

So how does one do that outside of committing themselves or becoming a raging alcoholic?

I’ve decided it’s time to make a book bucket list for the year. It’s time for me to become well read again. Because Dr. Seuss and Mo Wilhelm, while brilliant and entertaining child authors , are effectively turning my brain to mush. If I have to read another board book without counteracting it with some thought provoking or just plain entertaining chick-lit page turner, I’m going to be unrecognizable.

It’s been nearly three years since I read a book from cover to cover people, except of course Jill’s book – because it was that perfect balance of funny, wit and honesty. And, short. Let’s be honest, it’s a quick read and that’s  why it’s all I managed last year. What’s awesome, she has book two coming out this Spring and I’m stoked because I know that if all else fails, I will likely get at least that book read because I could use another dose of her honesty in parenthood. For me, the sarcastic, funny,  commiserating nature of her books is an uplifting release that allows me to feel less alone in my epic failure moments as a mom.

But I digress.

I am a serial book buyer but have gotten into the bad habit of not following through with reading them. I have my iPad full of books that I plan to read, but they are all at varying percentages of completion and let’s just say they are not beyond the 50% mark. It literally makes me sad to look at those books and realize I have so much left unread.

Enter the book bucket list. You know, because I need to add MORE to that list of 7% and 20% completions *sigh*…

But what does one do when she’s not well read any longer? She reads more.

And, to be honest, much of what’s on my iPad right now is nonfiction. Therefore, I need a bit of fiction to balance all of that out which is why I went on the hunt. So I did what any blogger does in a situation like this…I hit up Facebook. These are some of the titles I was given:

  • Jennifer from Mommy on the Edge – “Overdressed: The High Price of Cheap Fashion… it’s making me rethink my shopping habits.”
  • Natalie from Mommy of a Monster and Twins – “Secret Daughter was awesome…as was The Fault In Our Stars. If you liked Hunger Games, check out Maze Runner. I’m currently reading What The Dead Know and really liking it!”
  • Amy from Simplified Living Today recommended Sun Stand Still – a book on jumpstarting your faith.
  • I had two recommendations for John Green – the one above from Natalie The Fault in Our Stars and another, Paper Towns from my co-worker Sara at EverydayFamily where I’m the Blog Coordinator (shameless plug for our blogs – have you seen them yet? Our bloggers are rockin’!). The plot of The Fault in Our Stars looks so compelling…like I’ll have a good cry but it will pull at my heart at the same time. It’s young adult fiction – but meh, I read the Twilight series, so an easy read is not a bad thing, especially after a day of toddler tantrums.
  • Several ladies including Jessica from Four Plus an Angel recommended Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – apparently it’s a phenomenal, sit-on-the-edge-of-your seat kind of book. I took a peek at the summary and I’m not a thriller type – but I can definitely see how it would keep you interested with all the twists and turns in the plot. So, if that’s your kind of book – I’m sharing it here because it comes highly recommended as a good page turner by several friends.
  • I stumbled upon Amazing Things Will Happen by CC Chapman from Chookooloonks page and I think that’s on the list now too. Because I’m a sucker for positivity and anything that will result in lifting up the ol’ spirit. and helping me reach for the stars is fantabulous in my book.  And I might as well add her book, The Beauty of Different, because I’ve only heard good things and when you see a recommendation that states, “Buy this for your Daughters” – it’s kind of hard not to click “buy now”.

Now if only I could get myself moving with her journaling. LOVE her approach.

Again, I digress…

While not all of these will make it on my personal list, I loved that I was exposed to so many new authors and genres by simply putting my desire to read out there – it kind of made me school-girl giddy to see all the new titles. I’m a nerd like that.

I wasn’t able to list all of the recommendations, so you can check out the thread here on my Facebook page if you’re on the hunt for additional new titles as well.

Some of the nonfiction (and one fiction) titles that I have yet to complete which are sitting patiently on my iPad and/or bookshelf include the following:

  • Erik Qualman’s Digital Leader  – because the digital world is our present and future and I want to be great at what I do in it. I feel a passion for this amazing online community that I’m working in and I firmly believe that professional development is continuous. The teacher in me never intends to stop learning. And, with the digital world, it moves too fast to allow you to be stagnant for long, am I right?
  • Deepak Chopra’s Spiritual Solutions: Answers to Life’s Greatest Challenges and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success – I’m on a journey in my faith and in my personal life path, and Deepak as a spiritual leader is someone who inspires me at the moment, so I feel the need to delve deeper into his thoughts on all things spiritual and in how that relates to success in life both as a person and as a professional.
  • The Happiness Project  and Happiness at Home  by Gretchin Rubin – because the idea of tackling a bunch of smaller things in an effort to clear the physical and mental clutter in my life is appealing right now.
  • Queen Bees and Wannabees  by Rosaline Wiseman and Little Girls Can Be Mean by Michelle Anthony and Reyna Lindert – the other day I was having a conversation with another mother about how she recently had to deal with her 1st grader who started a hate group against another little girl in her class. At 6 years old, this little girl effectively got her classmates to all “hate” another little girl in their class through their actions and words. Think bullying is only for the older girls? Not so much and we’re living in denial if we don’t address it – whether our kid is being bullied or, if they happen to be experimenting with being the bully themselves. Because at such a young age, that’s essentially what it is and we have the potential to change that.
  • There may or may not be a 50 Shades of Grey book on my Kindle. I may or may not have made it to the first “encounter” and then never continued any further because I’m a big ninny. {Ahem} It’s currently at 23% completion. Perhaps its time to continue with that read. What do you think?

What’s on your reading list this year? What can you recommend for me in the non-fiction or fiction department? I’d love one of each from all my avid readers! 



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3 thoughts on “Escaping from the World

  1. Alexa
    Twitter: katbiggie

    Your comment about epic failure made me think you would really like Epic Mom by Maryann Walsh. It is all about our mom stories of failure and is an easy read and funny!

  2. Natalie
    Twitter: Nataliehoage

    So many awesome recommendations! Thanks for including me too :). I wrote a similar post yesterday and got lots of great recommendations there too….all of this will keep me reading for the rest of the year!


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