In Spite of Life’s Constant Interruptions #ShareYourLife

Life is hectic and busy in these parts. It seems like I can never really get caught up because there’s always something that pops in to stifle my momentum…like kids throwing up….or me throwing up. What evs.

It’s tough to have a month of endless interruptions to a normal routine. But, then I get to wondering, perhaps that IS my normal routine. A life filled with disjointed moments and days where the only solid time I have in my own head is those precious few preschool hours and evenings where I stay up until 2am.

I’m a glutton for punishment in the energy department apparently. But, even if I have days where I can’t make all those pieces and parts work within those traditional hours because kids get sick or schools decide to go on half-days for a WHOLE gosh, darn week – I am blessed. I get to work from home, for a fantastic company with a stellar team.

I am blessed to be able to pause in the middle of the day for moments like this….


or to teach my girl the art of a good grill cheese flip…

So, while I find days where I struggle to make it all happen seamlessly – I remember that I have as close to the “best of both worlds” as anyone can get. I’m doing what I love while raising my girls and that my friends makes it all worth it.

Now, to keep those germs away from my kids so I can tackle that laundry pile, the organizational goals I have for my home and you know those creative projects and that reading list.

So many things I want to do, so little time. Who’s with me on this?

Link up a post for #ShareYourLife – all that’s required is that is shares some facet of your life. Sharon from Mom of 6 and I just want to get to know you better!



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5 thoughts on “In Spite of Life’s Constant Interruptions #ShareYourLife

  1. Sharon at Momof6
    Twitter: sharonmomof6

    Like you, I feel so grateful that I can work from home while tending to my family life too. Today two of my boys stayed home sick from school, and while they don’t need a lot of babying when they are home sick anymore, it was nice to know that I could be around while they hung out an rested on the couch all day- and truly I could still tackle all of the things that I needed to do.

    1. Nicole
      Twitter: MTDLBlog
      Post author

      That’s exactly it. I do feel like things are just as they should be and I’m so grateful. I just need to get my organization back in order…and a maid….or three. :)

  2. Jackie

    I feel the same way…. so much to do whether it’s something that I have to do or something that I want to do and not enough time to do it all.

    I don’t work from home but I do work for a company that is flexible and if something happens, like sick kids, I am able to work from home or just take the day off. For that I am thankful. I do wish that I was able to spend more time w/the kids at home though…. maybe even perfecting the grill cheese flip!


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