Inpatient: Let the Momo Journey Begin

The nature of Monoamniotic-Monochorionic Twins is that it is a really high risk pregnancy. It requires inpatient monitoring at viability to allow for a higher success rate in healthy babies. I was admitted early, at 23 weeks because I was having regular contractions and they wanted to get me to at least 26 weeks. Initially, I was going to be admitted for about three days and we were shooting to send me home in time for Thanksgiving. The plan was for me to go home for about a week to enjoy the holiday and then check in again for my long term care. But, my body had other ideas and has continued to have regular contractions on and off for these last ten days. So, I am officially a hospital resident for the duration.

My first few days were a little less than consisted of hourly monitoring, IV Magnesium and fluids, and blood draws every six hours. It was hard. I’m not going to lie. But, at the moments when I have felt myself getting disheartened or frustrated, I just focus on what is good in my life. I focus on one day at a time and I focus on those little kicks in my stomach. When I do that, the moments of sadness because I am away from home, missing my family and the freedoms of everyday life pass. The sadness subsides, hope is revived and I keep moving forward.

The girls are doing well. They are measuring 1 lb, 10 oz. and 1 lb, 14 oz.~ their hearbeats are strong and while their cords are tangled, they seem to be loosely tangled according to the views on the ultrasound a few days ago. The flows in the cords were good and all signs pointed to the positive. It’s important for our friends and family to know, that the nature of this pregnancy means that we could lose the girls at anytime to a cord accident, and that terrifies us. But, we are hopeful, and encouraged by all of the positive things that have been happening and we are doing all that we can do to ensure their safe arrival. It’s hard not to have more control over the outcome, but we are hopeful!

Here are some pictures of inpatient fun :0) I’m lucky enough to have Craig and Jordan up for visits everyday because the hospital is right around the corner from home. Jordan and I have enjoyed puzzle making, movie night and painting our nails. We’re making the best of it!

This is the belly at 23 weeks, the day I went inpatient.

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19 thoughts on “Inpatient: Let the Momo Journey Begin

  1. Melis

    You know… when I first read your title, I misread it and saw "IMPATIENT ~ Let the Journey Begin…" and realized my mistake about 3 sentences in. And then I realized that it didn't matter if the M was an N or not because it's all the same thing :-) Nicole, I am praying so hard for you and I so admire your strength. I got admitted at 35 weeks for 3 days and I all but clawed people's eyes out to get home. I'm so glad so far it's going alright and I'm so happy that your girls are hanging in there. You're in wonderful hands and as annoying as pokes and prods are, the more you undergo, the better your girls' lives are! I cannot WAIT to see them! Stay strong, Mama – you look beautiful!

  2. Christine:)

    Thinking about you and praying for you! Is Craig able to take time off to be with Jordan at home? Hope you are able to stay positive while in the hospital- please keep us updated as to how you and the baby girls are doing:)

  3. angie

    I'm sorry that you didn't get to go home like you'd hoped. BUT, at least you are in the best place for the girls. Too bad it isn't a spa for you. :) I love these pictures of your and your daughter hanging out. I also like how you explained about the nature of your pregnancy. I admire your strength…..being in the hospital at during the holidays is rough……not to mention the everyday stress of not knowing what comes next. Love hearing from you.

  4. Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much

    Patience is so hard especially when you are in a hospital. I admire your strength and fortitude. I can't wait to see those two beautiful babies and whisper to them how strong of a mommy they are lucky to have!

  5. B

    If I didn't live so very very far I'd come and befriend you in person and help you pass your days. Keep the hope, maintain the patience and keep "cooking" those babies. I hope time passes quickly and the babies continue to grow and do well.

  6. Robyn

    Hi-I have currently been inpatient and on constant monitoring for 32 days, and I have to say it has been difficult. I think the worst is just being away from my husband and the comforts of home. I can't imagine how it would be if I already had children at home. I hope that you are still doing well, and I sincerely home that they can keep those babies in for as long as possible. I am going for 32 weeks and I plan on have my c-section on Dec. 30th which puts my babies at 31w6d. That leaves me 24 more days of trying to keep my sanity while being constantly monitored. I can say that it is a challenge but also it is comforting to see the girls' heart rates and knowing that the nurses and doctors are always watching them and ready for action if need be. The best advice I can give you for constant monitoring is to find a routine. I pretty much maintain the same routine day by day and check my days completed off on a calendar. I try to keep in mind that what I am doing is the very best I can do for my daughters right now and that it will be over before I know it. I hope that you are well and your babies are doing good. Can't wait to hear more!!

  7. girlytwins

    I know how hard all of this is and I admire your positivity. I think staying positive is a huge part of what helped me get thru my 7 weeks. I am sorry you didn't get to go home for the holidays. You are lucky to be close to home. Stay strong :) It will all be so worth it in the end when you bring home those sweet babies.

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  9. Anna & Selena

    Wow that must have been hard….especially since you had a child at home. So nice that they were able to visit often. You needed one of our sassy hospital gowns for your stay…haha (except that we weren’t around then:-)) So glad they are doing well and everything turned out ok. I’ve really enjoyed poking around your blog!!!


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