Perpetual Bathroom Duty {Chick Mom Life}

It’s  a busy week here at MTDL…and otherwise. So, I’m keeping this weeks Chick Mom Life short and sweet today by not yammering on too much. Recently, I’ve been trying out a few new Meme’s and they seem to be going er…..ok.

Chick Mom Life is in full swing and I have lots of fabulous Moms of little ladies in my queue, SCORE.

My other Meme is Talk to Me Tuesday where I get a little more reflective (I’m using Oprah’s Life Class as my focus until the end of the year ) is going a little slower in the feedback portion of things, want to chime in?

Holding on to the Past

Life Whispers

You can catch up if you are in the mood for a little Life classing….reflection or what have you.  I would love to know your thoughts.

Now back to Chick Mom Life…..

I give you Liz and her super adorable little girls.

They have some of the sweetest smiles I’ve ever seen.

Just sayin’

A Chick Mom Life is…pig tails and hair clips…girl dates and shopping…high drama and dress-up…princesses and polka dots…giggles and cuddles…and perpetual public restroom duty (Daddy says boy bathrooms are too gross for little girls).

~ Liz from Belle, Bean and A Chicago Dog.

Where you can find Liz in addition to her blog?

Facebook and Twitter

Liz is also the co-founder of Eli Rose Social – a Social Media consulting site that offers a multitude of services and fabulous short articles on all things Social Media and Blogging which is outstanding considering I can only find 5 minutes of uninterrupted time most days when the twins are underfoot.

Are you a Mom to all girls? Email me to be featured! MTDLBlog {at}yahoo{dot}com

What’s life with girls mean to you? Even if you do have boys….what is the difference in Chick Mom Life and Dude Mom Life?

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