Social Media Savvy: How-to Make a Media Kit, Rockin’ Facebook, Social Media Wills {Links to Love}

I have become obsessed with all things social media. Each day I receive emails from various outlets like Mashable, Social Times, Mediabistro and there’s a special place in my heart for the gals of  EliRose Social Media and Melissa from Momcomm – I always learn so much from these bloggers turned social media mavens. I also am clicking obsessed on Twitter and Facebook when I see potentially useful information to help grow my knowledge base.

So, since I’m in the business of sharing the things I learn with you – as I have with my Blog Idol Interview series – I thought I would start sharing those little nuggets that come to my inbox – you know the real useful gems that really help tune you into what’s happening in the social media/blogosphere.

Here’s what I’ve been reading:

Social Strand Media recently shared 26 Common Social Media Terms You Need to Know and as someone who loves her acronyms but can use a handy-dandy reference list like this one for my day-to-day work (because the mommy-brain occasionally gets the best of me) I made sure to add this to Evernote so I can go back to it as needed.

As a blogger, having a media kit handy is a good idea but if you’re not so technically savvy it’s nice to have an easy method for creating a quality kit. Over at Babble Cecily Kellogg shares How to Make a Media Kit with PicMonkey – Awesome!

ProBlogger Confirms that Pinterest Rocks! (Duh!)  Many of us knew this already because it provides us with endless inspiration BUT have you realized just how powerful it is as a tool for promoting your site? Well, Darren Rowse from ProBlogger (if you don’t read his site, you must start) recently conducted his own little experiment with Pinterest and shared his findings regarding the value of Pinterest. He’s still in the midst of the experiment, but in the early weeks, he’s already seeing promising trends and he plans to continue posting on his progress. For those of you on the Pinterest fence, you’ll want to keep track of this experiment as it continues. Speaking of Pinterest…if you’re already on that bandwagon – I made the image above with you in mind {wink}.

Eli Rose shares 4 Tips for quality status updates on Facebook. As a social media manager this confirmed what I knew and reminded me what I needed to do more of – because we all know there’s so much information flowing around that we sometimes forget simple things like including an image with our status updates to improve visibility with our fans. What I love about EliRose is they send out these short snippets of information that can be read in five minutes – perfect and easily digestible for my busy mornings. Receiving their emails is definitely worth it and I recommend you sign up ASAP.

Another recent post from Eli Rose that I found extremely useful was the idea of a Social Media Will – with SO many accounts opened, how would I want those handled upon my passing? How will I ensure my blog doesn’t go by the wayside forever losing the content I’ve put together for my girls? Because ultimately, that’s what a good portion of my blog is, our family memories. I love that they tackled this topic.

Momcomm posted about how to draft up quality ‘calls-to-action’ that will engage your readers and make them want to subscribe, comment and “like” you  – this refresher was a great read (as are all her posts). For bloggers who thrive off of those interactions with others – this post was a must read for me. I love when I hear from my readers. It makes me feel like I’m not sending my thoughts out to nowhere-land. Considering my daughters can’t comment on my blog as of yet – I’m kind of relying on my readers – so this post was a great refresher on engaging you all better.


What articles have you read recently in the world of social media? Please share them in the comments – I’d love to read them! 


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4 thoughts on “Social Media Savvy: How-to Make a Media Kit, Rockin’ Facebook, Social Media Wills {Links to Love}

    1. Nicole
      Twitter: MTDLBlog
      Post author

      You’re welcome! I sign up for many of the newsletters. I highly recommend EliRose’s and Momcomm’s newsletters – they are both bloggers turned blogging/social media consultants so everything you get from them comes in small, easy to digest posts that are relatable to what you are doing right now. Some of the larger media sites keep bigger brands in mind, so they don’t always relate.

  1. hilljean

    Ok, so the social media will kinda creeped me out but it really is such a good idea. The thought of all that I’ve written and all of the photos I’ve posted being gone is unbearable. I haven’t even written a real will yet, but I think I might just do this.\

    Ok, enough morbidity. I need to go research the media kit thingy. It would really help if I knew what that was in the first place :0

    1. Nicole
      Twitter: MTDLBlog
      Post author

      Right! But it’s definitely food for thought….I definitely would want to make sure my blog is handled. I’d hate to lose it all. :-)


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