Sundance 2011: Film, Celebrities, Parties

Nestled in the mountains of Utah is Park City, a quaint mountain town

complete with trolley’s, boutiques, outstanding restaurants and even a general store.

For two weeks every year, this small town bustles with the excitement that the Sundance Film Festival brings.

A good friend of mine works for Sundance in their marketing department and was gracious enough to host us for our girl’s weekend away. So needless to say, we were stoked to attend.

And boy did we get the star treatment! Fabulous dinners at some of the best restaurants, entry into coveted opening weekend parties and even a champagne brunch! They were the ultimate hosts and we really felt so spoiled by their generosity.

After all of the stresses of the last year, this vacation was a much-needed reprieve for this Mama of three girls.

For those of you unfamiliar, The Sundance Film Festival is a celebration of independent filmmakers. It’s a place for new faces in the film industry to gain exposure for their work.

It has also become notorious for large sponsor parties and it’s a favorite celebrity getaway. At any given time, you could be sitting next to your favorite TV personality.


Ryan Seacrest perhaps?

As my friends and I were lunching at Easy Street, located just off of Main, I realized that Ryan Seacrest was literally having lunch at the table next to us!

On opening day of the festival, while we were at Zoom (Robert Redford’s DELISH restaurant) we saw a table of E! correspondents hashing out their game plan for the week.

Shortly after our lunch at Zoom, we took a stroll down Main and noticed a group of Papprazzi

outside of the Swag suite near Tao, a swanky Las Vegas club that set up shop in a Park City Garage just for the festival. So we milled about and watched Don Cheadle shoot a peace sign to the photogs as he strolled in to the suite. He exited a few minutes later with a new coat and I finally had the guts to snap a picture….


He’s the one in the blue fur trimmed coat next to the blonde…..

It’s very apparent that I should not quit my day job.

Friday, while dancing away and sipping on free drinks at Tao – a sponsor venue – we were pretty sure we spotted James Franco across the room in the now infamous blonde wig of Sundance 2011.

Saturday night, Stanley Tucci passed right behind our group in the VIP section of Harry O’s during the Roots concert.

I know!

We. Were. Dying.

There were other sightings as well, we had a lot of those “I know that person’s famous…where do I know them from?”  moments. Obviously, they were not of Ryan Seacrest or Stanley Tucci star power or I would totally name drop those as well.

Because I’m classy like that.

It was definitely awesome to catch close up glimpses of those we normally only see in their performances on TV, in the movies or concerts.

We were also fortunate to see all the actors, actresses and stars of the films we screened – I even got a meeting with one of them….


more on that in another post.

So, you might be asking yourself…

Where are the dang pictures?

Well, I wanted to honor their privacy and stuff….

Or I’m just too slow with my camera…..

And maybe

Just a little chicken to ask them.

Next time, I’ll be more bold…..

I promise.

With the help of tequila.

***I’ll be posting on all the movies we screened, the parties we attended and my meeting with one of the featured New York Times Reporters from the Documentary Page One: A Year in the Life of the Times…..keep up with me through my facebook fan page, twitter feed or google reader to get notice on those posts! My goal is to post them this week, but with the twins (one of which started scaling the tables and couches while I was gone) my timeliness might be affected.

Also, following those posts, will be a Bloggy Idol series! You don’t want to miss that. Some of your favorite bloggers humored little ol’ me and answered some “must know” blogger questions.

So……um……hit that twitter, facebook or google reader button….

Better yet, all of the above.


One might malfunction or something….

and you don’t want to miss the exciting upcoming posts I just mentioned, do you?

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10 thoughts on “Sundance 2011: Film, Celebrities, Parties

  1. Paula Kiger
    Twitter: biggreenpen

    WOW! There is a whole world out there that is just a completely different deal than ours, isn’t there?! Good for you that you got to experience that – girls’ weekend + stars + swag – perfect!! Can’t wait to hear more from you!

  2. angie

    I’m so jealous. Next time bring me, please. I’ll be your resident photographer. Seriously though, so glad you were able to get away and do something so memorable. And, for the record, as an adult I would never swarm a famous person either! :)

  3. Alison

    That’s so cool! I love Don Cheadle too…in a purely non stalker way, of course. Just stopping by from the SITS comment thread…nice to ‘meet’ you!

  4. Lindsay

    Ok I we just met, or I just met you, what have you. Either way, I am so incredibly jealous of this experience! I would do anything to have such an opportunity!

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